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Why Urine Smells Strong?

Why does my urine my urine(wee) smells so strong is a common question that many ask. There are quite a few reasons for smelly wee and let’s see about it.

bad smell

Smells Bad

Are you taking enough water every day? Dehydration is the most important cause of strong smelling urine because it makes your wee far more concentrated. If the colour of your urine is like barley water then it means you have to drink more water. See to that you drink 4 pints a day.

Regularly watch what you eat – amino acids in some foods such as asparagus is also a common reason for smelly urine and also some vitamin supplements could be a blame.

Other than this, strong urine smell may be due to bacterial infection in your urinary tract and if the urine is sweet smelling then it may be a symptom of diabetes. With a simple test your doctor can confirm all these conditions.

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