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Why do I get hot when I drink?

Many people when taking drinks get hot with red blotches on their face and neck. This is not a rare problem. In this article you will see how drinking is linked with getting hot, blotchiness and more related stuff.

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When you drink alcohol it dilates the blood vessels, which can lead to flushing. Some persons are unable to completely breakdown the alcohol by-products because their bodies don’t produce enough of the right enzyme and this causes the blotchiness. Certain medications such as antibiotics and painkillers make this condition much worse. So you have to consult your GP if you take any such medications.

Spicy foods and MSG(Monosodium glutamate), especially Chinese food can also make it worse. Wine taken with beer and sherry is the main reason as it can contain histamine and sulphites.

There is no clear medical cure for this problem. The clearer the drink, lower the chance of reaction. Beware of cheap white wine as it’s usually loaded with sulphites.

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