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Prevention of Home Accidents

  • Various home accidents such as burns, falls and injuries, poisoning, drowning, electrocution, suffocation, foreign body obstruction, bites and stings must be prevented.
  • Children and elders are the main victims of home accidents. Home accidents may lead to permanent disability in several cases and they are increasing in several cases and they are increasing day by day.
  • Thus we must prevent various home accidents so as to create a good healthy life at home.
  • Making the home a safer place o live in must be the ultimate aim for all the people.
  • Home accidents are the most numerous amongst all accidents.



  • Usage of safe domestic appliances.
  • Various accident sources like cooking stoves, medicines, pesticides, sharp objects and other harmful objects must be kept at a safe distance.
  • Medicines and poisonous items must be stored in special and clearly labeled containers.
  • Screen or fence all accident sites such as wells, windows, electric fittings, stairs and sharp edge weapons.
  • Safety devices like step ladders, ventilators, wall for people to hold on and electrical insulators.
  • Floor must be kept in dry and non-slippery condition.
  • Use clothing’s which do not catch fire easily when near fire.
  • Acceptable lighting facilities must be ensured in the home.
  • Always monitor the child and their activities.
  • It is required to have a first-aid kit at home and know how to use it efficiently.


Along with these various preventive measures and protective devices, proper education is necessary to avoid these home accidents. Children must be guided properly.

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