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‘No’ to Plastic-Bottled Water?

Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical that is commonly used for making the plastic harder. It is found in the inner lining of baby bottles and drinking cans and also in other food containers. Use of this chemical is restricted in US and Sweden but still it is used in many other countries.

BPA has estrogen like properties and experts say that it can affect fertility and can even increase the risk of cancer and heart problems. According to UK’s Food Standards Agency though BPA is harmful to animals and humans, the amount of BPA that gets into water or food from the container is too small to affect us.

Bottled Water

Plastic Bottled Water

Reheating the foods in the container and reusing the bottles also increase your exposure. Another important threatening point you should know is that the problem created by BPA doesn’t ends with you. If BPA crosses the placenta of pregnant women, it can genetically program a female baby’s uterus to be hyper sensitive to estrogen and can increase the chances of premature puberty. It also creates various other fertility and hormonal problems in the child.

Kick out plastic. Go for glass bottles. Glass bottles have to be handled with extra care but it’s safe. Health comes first.

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