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This is normal, constant flow within the female organs. The presence of infection in any of these tissues usually causes whitish discharge called leucorrhoea that may continue for weeks or for months continuously. This discharge may arise from Trichomonas vaginalis, an infection due to a small parasite that normally inhabits the bowel. Other causes of leucorrhoea are pelvic congestion, endocrine disturbances, lacerations, injuries and atrophy of the vaginal tissues following the menopause.

In young girls the discharge may be due to the following reasons:

  • An irritation of the labia or external genital organs due to soiled undergarments, dirt, intestinal worms and masturbation.
  • The irritated tissue may become infected with staphylococcus germs, which are generally present in the skin.
  • The white discharge may also result due to over-activity in her sex gland and organ when the girl reaches puberty.
  • There is slight discharge at the time of ovulation. However it does not indicate the presence of any disease.
  • In mature women a profuse, yellowish discharge is associated with burning, intense itching on urination die to a serious infection, caused due to venereal disease.
  • A thin watery discharge may be due to the presence of cancer in the uterus or cervix.
  • A creamy discharge, slightly blood-stained may be due to Trichomonas or some other infection.

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