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How can I get rid of Cystitis?

Cysitis is an urinary bladder inflammation due to infections caused by microorganisms. Here in this article let us see directly about the treatment steps and prevention tips. Go to your doctor and take a urine test when next time cystitis strikes. Chlamydia test is also suggested because ‘cystitis’ symptoms arise due to chlamydia infection in many cases. Most of the time your doctor will also take basic blood test for diabetes, kidney function and general well being to make sure that there is no other underlying problems.

Many get fed up taking antibiotics repeatedly but your doctor may give you some low-dose antibiotics for six weeks to break the cycle. Follow the antibiotic intake perfectly as prescribed by your doctor, as missing doses will result in resistance in the future. You can take probiotics to ease the antibiotic burden in your body. Go further down and see more tips on how to prevent cystitis.

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Tips for Preventing Cystitis

1. When you urinate empty your bladder completely. Most importantly before and after sexual intercourse definitely empty your bladder to prevent infection. Before and after sex women should drink few glasses of water as it helps to prevent infection.

2. Everyday drink 8 glasses of water.

3. Holding the urine for long hours is very bad. Many have the habit of going to bed without urinating. See to that you urinate every 4 hours.

4. Don’t wear clothes that make irritation in vagina or urethra. Also avoid scented clothes as they may also lead to infection.

5. It’s better to wear loose cotton clothes. Also frequently change sanitary pads and tampons.

6. Take bath twice a day and see to that the clothes are clean. Also don’t use harsh soaps.

7. To boost your immune system regularly take more B vitamins and Vitamin C. It immunizes your body against any kind of infections.

All these natural and home remedies for cystitis would definitely be helpful. Generally start consuming lots of healthy foods and avoid junk foods as much as possible. Drink plenty of water and go to bed early. All these strategies and tips will help you to fight against cystitis.

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