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Home Remedies for Piles

Hemorrhoids or Piles is a disease of large intestine or specifically last part the Rectum. It is due to the inflammation of veins or vessel in the rectum that start paining during bowel movements and in some severe cases bleeding starts. Piles is a highly painful condition and it creates difficulty in passing stools.

Many treatments are devised for hemorrhoids(piles) but medication starts from home so this article covers some of the important home remedies for piles that are easy to take.



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Piles Home Remedies

  • A good home remedy for piles is to take mango seeds. By taking half or one gram of mango seeds in a day, one may get relief in the condition of bleeding piles. Taking this amount of mango seeds with honey is also effective.
  • Using sesame seeds is also a very effective treatment in case of piles. It is advised to drink 20 gm of sesame seed mixed in 500 ml of water to calm down severe piles condition.
  • Dry figs are also used as an effective home remedy for hemorrhoids. Soak dry figs in water at night and let them stay there for the whole night. In the morning before eating anything, take these dry figs along with water in which they were soaked. This helps reduce the intensity of piles.
  • In the treatment of piles white radish or grated radish with honey is also considered very valuable. These are kinds of laxatives that heal and constrict the vessels or veins in the rectum.
  • Cold-water treatment is also very effective in treating piles. The patient is advised to sit in a cold water tub up to chin level twice a day. This causes the veins to constrict which heal piles.
  • To get physical relief from pain and swelling apply finely ground white radish mixed with milk on the piles. It gives relief from pain and helps reduce the swelling.

All the above mentioned remedies of hemorrhoids are inexpensive and in the range of every individual. They are quite easy to take and are beneficial at the same time. If a patient applies any of these methods at a very early stage of suffering from piles, it can save them from going to hospital. Moreover, since the mother of all diseases, constipation is one of the major causes of hemorrhoids, it is important to control constipation to avoid piles. Constipation can be avoided and cured by drinking large amount of hot water regularly.

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