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Health is Wealth


  • Availability of clean drinking water.
  • Sanitation facilities.
  • Good drainage system and disposal of garbage waste at distant places.
  • Prevention of pollution.
  • Personal hygiene, self-control and healthy life styles.
  • Keeping away tobacco, alcohol and drugs.
  • Immunization of all children.
  • Health education at schools.
  • Well-equipped primary health care centre.


  • Health problems are created by man himself, others are caused by diseases.
  • AIDS, a severe disease is caused due to human activities.
  • The situation is getting worse day-by-day causing a serious struggle between man and diseases.
  • Everybody in this world has the ambition of leading a happy life, but for majority of people this is not possible and the reason is health problems.
  • Prevention is better and cheaper than cure, so the best choice for everybody is to prevent the diseases.
  • Various deadly diseases like cancer, heart diseases, drug and alcohol related diseases are preventable, thus people should follow a healthy life style.
  • Disease prevention and health promotion should go hand in hand.
  • Prevention mainly requires changes in personal behaviour i.e., good diet, regular exercises etc.,
  • About 70 – 80% of diseases are spread through unclean drinking water and unhygienic living conditions.
  • Immunization is the best method to prevent diseases in children. Various diseases like measles, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and tuberculosis can be effectively immunized in the case of children.
  • Childhood death in South East Asia is mainly caused due to diarrhoeal diseases. Personal hygiene, immunization and oral rehydration (ORT) will help a lot to prevent these diseases.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases like STD and AIDS can be prevented with self control and disciplined life.
  • Many diseases are preventable, thus can be arrested in the initial stages itself, eventhough majority of people are falling victims of preventable diseases.
  • Thus prevention is better and cheaper than cure.

health is wealth

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