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Fun Facts about Immune System

Your immune system is the natural invisible shield that your body puts around you. The immune system is very complex, it consists of cells, tissues, organs, and cell products that can eliminate dangerous pathogens that attempt to invade your body. Although it may seem quite boring, the immune system is actually intricate and very interesting! Here are some fun facts you may not have known about your immune system!

Sleep is important!

Getting under 5 hours of sleep can potentially depress your immune system! This means the body is more susceptible to contracting a common cold or a viral infection. It is vital for any person to get lots of sleep, as it is the time the body uses to regenerate after a tough day, and repair damaged cells. A lack of sleep can also lead to slow response time, flattened emotional responses, and impaired memory.

Stress depresses your immune system

That’s right, the more stressed out you are, the more chances you will have to contract viral infections. Stress triggers a natural response in your body called fight or flight. These can cause changes in your body, even weakening the immune system. This is mostly a mental state, though if you put too much stress on your body, it won’t be able to handle it!

Your skin is on the front lines

While your body does have many defenses to prevent any infection, the first defense your body deploys is your skin. This is why when you get a cut or a wound, it is vital to disinfect it right away. An opening in the skin means the virus has a way to get into the body, where it will attack cells and reproduce to spread.

How much is too much?

Sometimes people believe too much of a good thing IS actually a good thing. In the case for the body, this is actually very wrong. For example, many of you may know sunlight is vital to us as it provides us with a much needed vitamin, vitamin D that is. Though vitamin D is needed, too much of it due to excessive exposure to sunlight can suppress the immune system.

Your body has an army!

The body has over 50 million white blood cells to fight off those viruses. Their role is to defend the body against foreign materials. The body always produces more to make sure it can stay ahead of the pathogens.

As you can see, the immune system is very intricate, and it plays an important role in human body. It is in a constant struggle to keep you healthy, and that’s why you have to thank your immune system.

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