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Candida Infection – 5 Most Common Causes

Despite the low public awareness Candida infection has been receiving, we now know a lot about its symptoms, causes and treatment options. In this article we’ll take a look at the five leading causes standing behind chronic Candida infection.


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Candida Infection – 5 Causes

  1. Antibiotic overuse – nowadays it is common knowledge that antibiotics can sometimes do more harm than good. When taken unnecessarily, broad spectrum antibiotics can wipe out the friendly intestinal micro-flora that keep Candida albicans (the single celled intestinal organism responsible for Candida infection) in check. In some cases this allows an out of control growth of Candida cells, leading to all those troublesome symptoms.
  2. Birth control pills – the usage of contraceptive pills is also connected to Candida infection as some specific types of birth control pills tend to promote hormonal imbalance, which may eventually result in Candida overgrowth.
  3. Lowered immunity – depressed immune system is probably the most common cause of Candida infection. Cancer or AIDS patients are especially susceptible to this condition as strong immunity is vital to keep various pathogenic organisms under control.
  4. Wrong diet – proponents of holistic medicine are suggesting that Candida infection may be also a result of unhealthy dietary choices. More specifically, a diet high in processed foods and sugar presents a breeding ground for the proliferation of the Candida albicans organism
  5. Stressstress can negatively affect your health in numerous ways. Furthermore, it is also considered as one of the factors contributing to Candida infection.

Many health care experts familiar with holistic approach to healing believe that removing the root causes of Candida infection is crucial in order to get rid of Candida permanently. However, dealing with this condition can be tough – it’s absolutely essential to consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to your health and well-being.

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