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After Lunch Headache

Headache during lunch hours is a common problem that many complain about. Both who sit before the system and work and those who don’t, both get affected by this headache. In most of the cases what happens is those who get headache few times start taking pain killers and this becomes a continuous reason for headache. The painkillers when taken regularly cause Analgesia headaches. So if you have been taking till now, first ditch the pills and then take a look at other possible causes.

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Next thing is, are you taking enough water? Dehydration is a big headache inducer. Other possible causes are hunger, artificial light, wrong posture and stress. So you have to eat regularly, move to a place where there is more natural light in your office and adjust your chair so that you get good support. You could try acupuncture and craniosacral massage as they help to get relief from stress and headache in the long term by realigning the spine and skull.

Take a diary and make a note on what you eat and when your headache gets worse and based on that you can easily cure it. If it continues then visit your General Practitioner.

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