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Acupressure Therapy

Proper functioning of the endocrine glands is very important and most vital for sound health – not only in the development of our body and mind but also in the development of our looks and even character. Malfunctioning of endocrine glands affect the reproductive organs in the body. Pineal gland controls sex system and water in the body which leads to premature sex development. Malfunctioning of ovaries, testes and sex glands control heat of the productive side of the life, which damage reproductive organs resulting in problems of menses, self abuse and less/more sex desire. Applying pressure on the palms play an important role for healthy pregnancy.

Here are few important tips to be kept in mind during, before / after conception, pregnancy and post-natal period. The couple must start the treatment under acupressure therapy at least three months prior to conceiving to ensure proper creation of hormones. Drink a glass of Health drink (copper / iron /gold / silver charged water) every day to ensure female partner must have three regular menses before conceiving.

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  1. Nice article! I like the charts you managed to find for this article.


  2. Interesting article on acupressure–brief and to the point with good illustrations.
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  4. Well, this is a good way to relieve pain and sickness. Acupressure is such a great medicine thanks so much to those Ancient Chinese who discovered the natural healing pain.


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