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60 Minute Health Makeover

Everyday you hear or read lots of health tips but this is not of the type that you usually read. Here this article will show you how by just using 60 minutes a day you can be more healthy and fit.

This 60 minute routine will be suitable for all and more than that it wont be boring for sure.

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health clock

Health Clock

Here your 60 Minute Health Makeover

30 Seconds: Wiggle your eyes. Moving them stimulates your brain and your memory gets boosted by 10%.

1.5 Minutes: Eat a kiwi fruit. Why? It’s full of vitamin C, which wipes out free radicals.

3 Minutes: Fast shiatsu. Press your thumbs into the hollows at the outer edge of your eyebrows for a quick way to relax.

15 Minutes: Go for a Sunbathe. It gets you lot of vitamin D that make boost your immune system.

40 Minutes: Zone out. Do meditation for 20 minutes twice a day. It has been proved that meditation reduces the risk of heart attack by 50% and also keeps your heart healthy.

That’s it. You’re 60 Minute makeover is over. Hope you liked it. Start Practicing and have a healthy life.

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