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6 Simple Steps to Gain Confidence

Every individual loves to be happy and confident but there are always some hindrances. Learning to become confident is like a journey and it requires a lot of practice. Once you gain confidence, the way you handle things change and success follows you. Here in this article you can read some simple practical tips for gaining confidence.


Be Confident

1. Have a drink

A glass of wine can change an individual’s entire personality, outlook as well as the way they get treated by outsiders. Holding a glass in different angles bring different feelings in an individual and also brings varied responses from people. You may feel guarded or insecure when you hold the glass close to face or chest. Stomach level is the ideal level to hold it. This symbolizes you as a confident person and people would always feel free to talk to you.

2. Keep your head high

A purposeful and an upright position always makes you look and feel relaxed. Upright posture indicates that a man is totally relaxed and hence mind receives a message saying all is well.

3. Talk to yourself

It is quite natural to get nervous while entering room full of strangers. In order to get rid of this nervousness the best solution is to talk to yourself. But make sure that no one is looking at you. You should be optimistic enough and must motivate yourself saying that you can do it. The task may be difficult or something you never did. Self motivation is one of the key factors required to achieve the task. You should always talk to yourself in terms of present. You should not be thinking about your old memories or bad experiences because doing so will affect your present activity due to nervousness.

4. A clever blink

Are you on a date? If yes, then you must brush up some of the brilliant ways which would help you create some empathy or self-assurance. Suppose you are on a date with a man for the first time, then a slow blink is a classic sign of approval. Touching his arms can also develop a fast rapport between you and him.

5. Speak nice things

Every person loves to take appreciation. But it does not mean that you have to keep admiring everyone every time. A little bit of sociable comment about your friend’s new stuff like top, hair style, necklace etc will not only make her feel happy but also makes you look more friendly. A positive comment on someone always brings a win-win situation. The opposite person not only gets delighted but rather there are chances that you may get compliment in return.

6. Highly focused nature

The best way to get rid of your nervousness is to pay attention on opposite person’s talk. You should be least bothered about your current feeling and instead be highly attentive by listening to each and every word of other person and try to synchronize with his facial expression and have constant eye contact. This indicates that you are interested to talk to the opposite person and this in fact draws more people towards you.

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