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What’s Your Scalp Type?

Everyone wants to have beautiful and rich looking hair. Before you start conditioning your hair you should first know about your scalp type. Only then you can go for suitable conditioning procedure. There are four scalp types namely oily, normal, dry and a combination type. Just go through it and find out the type you have (You can also read the article Good Grooming for All to understand the importance of keeping yourself well groomed).


  • The center of your face (T-zone) gets greasy by midday.
  • Even with volumizing products, your roots limp cut before the day is over.
  • You notice large, waxy flakes.


  • Seasonal changes make your facial skin more oily or dry, but generally it’s somewhere in between.
  • Your hair doesn’t look greasy or dry if you skip shampoo for a day.
  • Styling products or hair treatments don’t tend to irritate your scalp.


  • Your face is dry and so is your hair, from roots to ends.
  • Your scalp’s itchy and might have powdery-fine white flakes.
  • It tingles uncomfortably when you apply certain products and hair color.


  • It’s a combination of both dry and oily hair types.
  • Usually is dry on the ends and oily at the scalp.
  • It’s common in longer hair.

Hope this article was helpful in determining your scalp type. Determining the scalp type will help you in choosing the right hair products and to avoid the wrong ones.

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