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Tips for long hair growth

Long hair is a dream of every woman. It becomes even more desirable when an upcoming social gathering or ceremony is expected. In such a time, you definitely desire to try a few tips that give instant results. Long hair looks gorgeous when it’s both healthy and thick. It is important to make sure that the tips you try promotes hair growth and also makes your hair healthier. This article has got some useful tips for proper hair care and hair growth.

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Long Hair Growth Tips

Protein is good for hair: It is a proven fact that protein can do wonders when it comes to fast hair growth. Food items like beans, fish, powdered gelatin, meat, and yogurt are rich in protein thus can be very helpful for hair growth. Increase the consumption of above foods and you will see good results.

Deep conditioning: Go for natural conditioning to get long hair. Try olive oil or egg and apply it on your hair; it not only gives you long hair but also make it shiny and healthy. Doing this twice every week is sufficient.

Use essential oils: Essential oils like coconut oil, hemp seed oil, macadamia oil, castor oil and carrot oil are good for long hair growth. Apply any of these oils daily at night and leave it overnight. Wash in the morning. If you use castor oil, it is better to wash your hair using a mixture of basin, green-gram powder and fenugreek powder for excellent results.

Use olive oil: Apply mildly heated olive oil on your scalp. Massage for 5 to 10 minutes and leave your hair wrapped in a towel for one hour. Wash it afterwards. Trying this every week regularly will give you long hair.

Use henna: Applying good quality henna every week can improve hair growth. Within one month of this therapy you will see significant hair growth. The only disadvantage is it makes the hair color little brownish.

Brush your hair regularly before sleeping: It’s an old saying that brushing hair 80 strokes every night before sleeping helps hair grow faster. This is true since it increase blood circulation in the head region which then helps hair grow faster.

Use egg yolk: Apply egg yolk on your hair and leave it for three hours before washing. It will help your hair grow faster and makes your hair look little shiny. It also thickens your hair and make it look more dense.

Using the above mentioned natural ways will not only help your hair grow faster but also ensure they grow healthy and beautiful. Try and see the great results!

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