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Onion for Baldness

Baldness, this is something we men know about. At some stage in our lives this will arrive. When it is at a young age or way forward when we are older, all men need to cope with the fact that we are going to lose our hair at one stage. But there are different ways to help to delay the process or even to get getting bald at all.  When you switch on the TV you can see a lot of products which will give you a big bunch of hair, Rasta, etc.. But do they really help? In this article I am going to tell you which natural product will be able to help you fight the baldness in your life.

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Onions for Baldness

You might have heard that Onions can help prevent baldness and probably thought this was the most stupid and ridiculous thing that you have ever heard but you have to believe it because it is a fact and it is the truth. Onion is a natural herbal product which is used not only for baldness but also for skin care.

Why is Onion a great remedy for hair loss?

Onion consists of a high level of sulphur. When this sulphur touches skin, like on our body, it will create collagen which heals and restore the damaged parts.

With the damaged parts I mean like dry skin and yes, also baldness.

Some treatments preventing baldness will include a mixture of honey and onions nicely chopped up and molded into some sort of jus. And once this jus is produced it will be rubbed on the scalp to stimulate it.

The natural healing elements which are in the onions combined with the natural healing elements of honey is an excellent way of strengthening and making your hair and scalp healthier.

Next time when you hear someone saying that onions is good to get your hair back, then do not laugh because it is proven to work.

Another excellent combination or vegetables to us is onions, garlic and lettuce. When you eat those vegetables on a regular basis, your risk of losing your hair will lower drastically.

You cannot expect from eating for example a raw onion that you will wake up the next morning with a big bush of hair but cutting and preparing onion within your meals will help your scalp to keep the hair health so it does not die and fall out.

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