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Maintaining Healthy Hair with Shine and Bounce

You hair has got a major role in your appearance. Having healthy hair with full of bounce and shine makes you look pleasant, gorgeous and attractive. Keeping your hair healthy isn’t that simple; you have to follow a regular and disciplined routine. Here, this article has got some lovely tips that can make your hair locks beautiful and luxuriant.


Shiny Bouncy Hair

Shampoo Your Hair Properly: Using combination shampoo/conditioners is not as effective as using separate products. Work the shampoo into your hair using warm water, which will open the pores of your scalp. Then, use cold water to rinse it out. Rinsing with cold water (water alone or mixed with vinegar) will shut down the cuticle and makes your hair shinier. Don’t shampoo too often, though, or else your hair could lose minerals and natural oils.

Go for Leave-in Conditioner: This assists in mitigating frizz by putting moisture back in your hair during the day. You can purchase conditioners, Keihl’s for example, that contain UV filters to shield you hair from the harmful rays of the sun.

Never Twist Your Hair to Get Water Out: Use a towel to dry your hair; avoid rubbing or creating any friction. Squeeze the water out of your hair using a towel, starting at the ends and working up the strands to the roots.

Use Blow Dryer Conservatively: Using the blow dryer more than three times a week can cause your hair to become damaged. If you really have to use them, try to keep dryers, flat irons, and curling irons on their lowest heat settings. Whenever you can, let your hair dry naturally.

Keep Your Hair Styled Loosely: Try not to style your hair in tight braids or heavy ponytails as they can cause hair loss, producing bald spots or broad part lines on your scalp. Tight ponytails and buns cause breakage of the hair shafts along your hairline. The short, leftover strands of broken hair become frizz.

Trim Your Hair Every Six (or Eight) Weeks: Contrary to popular belief, your hair won’t grow any faster, but your hair won’t have split ends.

Restrict Chemical Usage: Coloring your hair can dry it out and give you frizz. The chemicals that salons use to curl or relax your hair chemically modify the shafts; repeatedly using these products can cause irreparable harm to the hair or even cause hair loss. If you combine processes, such as coloring and relaxing your hair at the same time, your hair can become overstressed. Keep your hair treatments to a minimum level and only undergo one chemical process at a time.

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