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Hair Follicles Nourishment

Hair follicles are present all over your body, but it is your head that has highest density of hair follicles. So it makes sense that this is where your find the longest hairs growing. Once you are born, the body stops producing new follicles. Therefore, you should take very good care of your follicles provided to you naturally. That means that there isn’t a product on the market that will give more hair than the one you were born with.



On average, an individual will have about 120,000 separate hairs. People with blond hair have an above average count, people with brown hair have an average count, and redheads usually have a below average count.

Your scalp is filled with hair follicles, similar to tiny pockets. From the base of follicle where rapid cell division occurs, hair comes out. The connective tissue surrounding the hair is responsible for its nourishment. The hair requires adequate amount of nutrients, oxygen and also needs moisture consistently in order to produce healthy hair. This is the reason why you want to maintain good circulation to the scalp.

Very small sebaceous glands surround each follicle and they secrete sebum. Sebum is the natural oil that offers protection to both hair and scalp. Sebum can flow down straight long hair much more readily, and this is the reason for curly hair to be drier compared to straight hair. You should avoid sebum to build up and clog your hair follicles, as this can result in hair loss.

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