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Does Lemon Juice Lighten Your Hair?

Lemon juice can make your hair lighter – Is that true? This actually isn’t a myth, it’s partly true. Lemon juice won’t do anything for your hair if you don’t go outdoors, not even if you try using a blow dryer. If you want lemons to lighten your hair, work a lot of the juice through your hair and then sit in the sunlight for a while. It doesn’t mean that you should only sit; just go out and expose yourself to sunlight. The sun’s UV rays will make your hair lighter.


Lemon juice

When you use lemon juice on your hair, the citric acid in the lemon juice opens up the cuticles. Once the cuticle gets open, the hair becomes more receptive to changes from things like the rays of the sun. The acid in lemon juice, the oxygen in air and the UV rays from sun all those combine together and start a bleaching process. Your hair will more quickly become lighter because of the interaction between lemon juice which acts as a catalyst and the sun rays. We refer to this as acid-catalyzed oxidation.

5 Responses to “Does Lemon Juice Lighten Your Hair?”

  1. DONT DO IT!Using lemon juice on your hair will damage and make it become bristle and very breakable. it does make it lighter but believe me it doesnt make your hair healthy or anything else except lighter. if you definetley want lighter hair i would say get it done professionly or even die it at home. if you do decide to do it make sure you reguallay condition and it might be okay.
    but for me i wouldnt do it;)


  2. i agree with him. it rfeally is bad for your hair. iver done it a lopt and now my hair is extremeley bristle and it breaks so easy. also it falls out more than youve took a footstep. just dont do there is no reason to be silly enough to use lemons to dye your hair. and thats from my very own experiance.;)
    hope it helps hunnnniiiiiiii;)


    james Reply:

    If used in moderation this approach works well, anybody who experienced “brittle hair” either used this method daily (not exactly in moderation like suggested) or had thin and/or brittle hair to begin with. Use once every 2 or 3 days, with exposure to sunlight, and condition hair to keep it from drying out and everything will be fine.


    Janine Reply:

    I’m literally doing the lemon juice thing now, is it really going to make my hair fall out, I also heard that it can turn orange and one girl said hers turned green. But my hair is like medium brown color. And I don’t go swimming with it and I shower and put conditioner in my hair which is what I heard to do. I dont want to go to a salon because they never get it right.


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