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Are Bananas Fattening



The fact that bananas are categorized under the fruits section makes them appear to be a very seemingly light and healthy fruit. However, there are also many skeptics out there who believe that although bananas may contain a lot of necessary nutrients, they are also fattening. The great plus side about this fruit that gets most people to indulge in them is the energy it gives. With banana consumption, your body will be provided with bursts of energy.

Nutrients found in Bananas

Bananas are actually great for individuals who are on a fitness regime. They are highly recommended by fitness trainers because of the high dosages of energy they give. It’s the equivalent of loading up on an abundance of carbs before a marathon. Another reason that bananas are raved about so often is because the high content of fiber cuts out cravings and limits your appetite. The high content of pectin and resistant starch can also contribute to weight loss and both forms of fiber will keep you fuller for longer, so that you won’t feel an urge to grab a bite all the time. This is extremely effective for anyone trying to lose weight but is having trouble doing so because of a large appetite.

Why Moderation is Key

However, the controversy surrounding bananas about in regards to them being pound-inducing fruit isn’t completely incorrect. It is true that if you eat bananas often without any form of exercise, you would put on those pounds. That is why bananas are regarded as a great fruit for exercise – they give you all the energy, and the fat intake can be easily worked off. Also, keep in mind that because bananas are loaded with carbs, an excessive intake of them will lead to fat storage. Too many carbs can be unhealthy for your body, but as long as you limit the amount of bananas you eat in a day, you should be just fine.

Banana in Relation to Other Fruits

In terms of numbers, an average-sized banana contains a lot less water than most other fruits, resulting in its overall higher calorie density. A medium-sized banana will contain about 105 calories. Of course, the fat that bananas contain also comes with several positive attributes. For one, the high level of potassium can help lower blood pressure. Also, as was stated before, the high content of fiber will likely keep your energy level high and your appetite low. You have to think about banana consumption in a different light than most other fruits. With the consumption of a banana, you will be consuming a few more calories than other fruits, but the effects are much more lasting. You will be able to curb your appetite which will lead to a hypothetical near future weight loss as opposed to eating an apple or an orange.

So, next time you’re getting ready to work out or go for a jog, keep in mind that bananas can be a great addition to your lifestyle, the benefits from eating them are endless. Not only will you benefit from the abundance of nutrients that they provide, but you will also be able to complete any sort of weight loss goal you’ve had.

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