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Work your way up to an Inversion

Some free hand exercises that will make you fit and healthy. If you are new to these exercises then you may find it bit difficult to do in the beginning. Don’t worry if you are not able to achieve the full position in the beginning. For most of the people it takes few weeks to be comfortable with these exercises. You can practice each of these exercises for 10 minutes every day. These exercise will help you to shed fat, improves flexibility and makes you feel better.

Forward Bend

Hanging forward a little bit every day can help you adjust to the sensation of having your head below your heart. Simply fold over, cradling an elbow in each hand, relax your neck and shoulders, and take a few deep breaths.

Wall Prep

To get the sensation of supporting weight on your hands, stand three feet from a wall, fold at the hips, and press your palms against the wall. Reach your sitting bones away from you, engage your thighs, and lengthen your spine.

Plank and Chaturanga

To create shoulder and core strengthen and stability, start at the top of a push-up. With elbows by your sides, engage your core and lower yourself into Chaturanga, holding a few inches above ground for several breaths.

Half Handstand

When you’re ready, practice kicking up into a supported handstand, one leg at a time. Facing the wall, bend over and place your hands a few inches from the wall. Kick one leg up and rest it against the wall, hold, and repeat with the other leg.

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