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Upper Body Strength Workouts – Focusing on Big Gains

If someone asks you to show them your muscles what do you do? Chances are, you don’t take off your shirt and do a lat spread or flash your massive deltoids. You probably do what most everyone does – curl up your arm and show them your bulging biceps. That is pretty much the universal response to the “Show me your muscles” request, but the real key to upper body strength goes far beyond having 20 inch arms.

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Strong Upper Body

Upper Body Strength Workouts

To have true upper-body strength you have to have strong back, shoulder, chest and abdomen muscles too. Being strong, really strong, means that all the elements of your physique are in balance. So back away from the curling bench for a few minutes and incorporate some basic exercises to add some real upper-body strength and fitness.

Chest Exercises

You need to have a strong chest to look good and to have all the pieces in place for real upper-body strength. If you’re not already using the bench press, whether with dumbbells or barbells in your regular workouts, you need to start.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Bench Press with Dumbbells

The bench press is the foundation of a strong upper-body and it will help those other muscles on your upper-arms (your triceps). Make sure that you are hitting the bench at least once a week.

Back and Shoulder Exercises

Other than legs, no area of the body is as neglected as the back. Since you don’t see your back when you look in the mirror, it’s easy to overlook the importance of a strong back for true upper-body strength. If your back is starting to lack, add some pull-ups and bent rows to your upper-body workouts. These pulling muscles are essential to upper-body strength and will provide the kind of strength you need to increase your curling weights.


Pull Ups

Your shoulders get a log of work from the bench press and other pushing exercises, but be sure to add in some overhead presses to make sure that you are really working them hard. If you have huge arms and tiny shoulders, your look will be very unbalanced and your performance in the gym will suffer.

Round Out Your Upper Body Workout with Abdomen Exercises

Make sure that you keep your core, abdomen muscles strong. Instead of simply doing crunches, try doing crunches with a weight plate on your chest. The added resistance will spark muscular development in your abs and round out your upper body strength routine.

abdominal crunches

Abdominal Crunches with Weight Plate

To be physically fit and have great upper body strength and definition, you have to have all the pieces in place. Be sure to work out your back, shoulders, chest and abs in addition to all the arm work you normally do. You will see great results in your upper-body fitness as a result.

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