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Top Aerobic Exercises

Aerobic exercises are the best ones for complete fitness and healthy body. Your heart and lungs function the same way your biceps and pectorals do, though not literally. If you want them to be strong and resilient, they must be exercised regularly.

With trainers and nutritionists proclaiming, “weights to be so 90s,” more and more people are turning to aerobic exercises for healthy bodies and lives. This article covers the top aerobic exercises that are suitable for both men and women.


Aerobic Exercise

1. Running

30 minutes of consistent running = 300 calories burned

The “king” of all aerobic workouts, running is the most basic form of exercise. It has been practiced since man first learned to speed-up his walk. Running requires no real training. Tips can be picked up along the way, but the basic process is simple and straightforward – literally. Running is also “free.” Aside from a pair of comfortable shoes, running doesn’t cost you anything. No gym membership, fancy equipment or personal trainer are required – just you, road and time.

2. Rope Jumping

30 minutes of quick rope jumping = 350 calories burned

A favorite among kids, rope jumping is actually one the most grueling aerobic exercises. After just a few minutes, your calves start burning along with rapid breathing. Jumping rope is incredibly beneficial. Boxers, whose careers and health depend on speed and conditioning, turn to rope jumping for aerobics. Jumping rope is the ultimate “poor man’s” aerobic exercise. A rope or cord is all that’s needed to get a good workout. It also works well with limited space. You can move your body up and down without really going anywhere.

3. Swimming

30 minutes of freestyle swimming = 420 calories burned

Swimming is the ignored aerobic exercise. This comes down to fear. The inability to swim is scary; it’s also dangerous. If you are on a cycle and can’t pedal, you will get bored. If you are in a body of water and can’t swim, you will drown. Swimming is a complete body workout as it uses almost every muscle and joint in the body.

4. Cycling

30 minutes of steady cycling = 350 calories burned

Riding a bike is the most user-friendly aerobic exercise. It is a non-impact activity. This means that the body, especially the knees and ankles, doesn’t receive any hard blows, poundings or slams. Some people just don’t have the body-type for running. After a few minutes of jogging, their feet and shins begin to throb. For them, cycling is the perfect choice. They can build up a sweat without having to ice their bodies afterwards.

5. Elliptical Training

30 minutes of high-setting elliptical training = 330 calories burned

This may be the safest form of cardio. It doesn’t put your hips, knees or ankles under pressure, and allows your body to move in natural arcs. Elliptical machines also incorporate your arms into the exercise, turning it into an effective total-body aerobic workout. Elliptical machines are quickly replacing treadmills and other stationary cardio equipments. They are more challenging and produce better results faster.

6. Dancing

30 minutes of fast-paced dancing = 250 calories burned

Have you ever looked at a dancer’s body? They have no fat, high muscle tone, flexible limbs and beautiful lines. Dancing is one of the oldest art forms. In the last century, it has become one of the best aerobic exercises. Because dance classes take place indoors, they can be done all year and in any climate. Men and women, young and old, are taking up dance as a great way to stay fit and meet new people. If you have orthopedic problems, or breathing trouble, or chest related conditions, then it’s better to consult your doctor before taking up dancing activities.

The type of aerobic exercise you choose is not as important as actually choosing one. Inactivity is the greatest seducer. It will scratch out your goals, soften your body and turn your life into a mediocre experience.

Lace up your shoes, pick up the jump rope, dive into the pool, snap on your helmet, grab hold of the elliptical machine and sign up to salsa. Your heart and lungs are waiting for you.

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  1. I recently decided to dedicate more time to physical fitness and health. I spent some time trying to get into the groove of running, and I found that it was just not for me due to the impact it was having on my bad knees. I decided to research some other great fitness options on I came across cycling and indoor spinning, which may be less harsh on knees and ankles. I knew that the gym I belong to offered spinning classes, so I tried it out. It was the best decision I’d ever made. The music and upbeat atmosphere were incredible, and the 45-minute workout flew by. I would definitely suggest that everyone should try spinning at least once.


    nsmukundan Reply:

    thanks for ur tips on spinning classes. i think i should make a post on it.


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