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Test your Muscle tone

Are you a weekend warrior or an extreme athlete? Nothing can test you better! With this Simple and fast test, you will measure your muscle tone. Common let’s go for the take.

Test Legs

Put your back against the wall, bend your knees as if you were sitting. Hold for as long as possible.

Results: If you hold

  • Over 60 seconds: excellent
  • Between 45 and 60 seconds: good
  • Between 30 and 45: medium
  • Under 30: low

For comparison, the Olympic ski champion Franck Piccard was over 15 minutes in this position!

Test arms: With Push-ups

Lying on stomach, hands resting on the ground at shoulder height, arms bent, push up the floor stretching arms up and come down. Count the number of push ups made in 1 minute.

Result: If you exceed

  • Over 30 : excellent
  • Between 25 and 30: good
  • Between 15 and 25: medium
  • Under 15: low

From age 40, muscle mass decreases. The remedy? That’s exercise. Developing muscles helps the body fight against osteoporosis. Workout mobilizes bone and improves muscular strength with proper nutrition. If you play sports, see to that you give work movements to your upper body. For those who want to build huge muscles… nothing beats the gym, it can work very targeted but eventually it can become monotonous!

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