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Standing Long Jump


  • The person stands behind a takeoff line with his feet several inches apart.
  • Before jumping, the person dips at the knees and swings the arms backward.
  • He then jumps forward by simultaneously extending the knees and swinging the arms forward.
  • Three trials are permitted.
  • Measurement is from the closest heel mark to the takeoff line, Indoor administration is best accomplished by placing a tape measure on the floor at right angles to the takeoff line and permitting the person to jump along the line.
  • Measurement can then be made by sighting across the tape to the point of the third jump.


  • You must take off from both feet simultaneously, jump as far forward as possible and land on both feet.
  • Try not to fall backward after the landing.
  • You can jump further by crouching before the jump and swinging your arms.

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