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Sit Ups


  • The person lies flat on the back with knees bent and feet on the floor with the heels no more than 1 foot from the buttocks.
  • The knee angle should be no less than 90 degrees.
  • The fingers are interlocked and placed behind the neck with the elbows touching the floor.
  • The feet are held securely by a partner.
  • The person then curls up to a sitting position and touches the elbows to the knees.
  • This exercise is repeated as many times as possible in the time requirement.


  • Your fingers should remain interlocked and in contact with the back of your neck at all times.
  • You curl up from the starting position, but may not push off the floor with an elbow.
  • When you return to the starting position, your elbows must be flat on the floor or mat.

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