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Shuttle Run


  • The person stands at one of the lines with the 2 wooden blocks at the other line.
  • On the signal to go, the person runs to the blocks, takes one and returns to the starting line, and places the block behind the line.
  • He then returns to the second block, which is carried by the starting line on the way back.
  • Two people can run at the same time to compare the person’s agility.
  • Sneakers may be worn or the person can run barefooted.


  • On the signal to go, run as fast as you can to the next line and pick up a block.
  • You should return the block over the second line where you place it on the floor.
  • Do not throw it.
  • Return for the next wooden block and this time you may run across the starting line as fast as you can without placing the blocks on the floor.

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