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Neck Pain Relief : Quick Fitness Fix

Is bad office posture giving you a (literal) pain in the neck? Try these strengthening moves. In a recent small study, a group of Danish female office workers with chronic discomfort reported a 79 percent drop in shoulder and neck pain after ten weeks. Here is a quick fitness fix which gives relief from neck pain. These simple exercises can be done at home and it doesn’t require any big equipments.

Shoulder Shrug

Stand with legs shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold dumb-bells with your hands at your sides, palms facing your body, arms fully extended (A). In a continuous motion, lift your shoulders toward your ears (B) and lower them slowly. Do three sets of three, three times a week, using 18- to 26-pound weights to start.

Upright Row

Stand straight with your hands comfortably apart, holding weights in an overhand grip (A). Keep your elbows up as you lift the weights in a straight line toward (but not past) mid-chest (B), then straighten your arms as you lower them. Do three sets of three, three times a week, with 5- to 10- pound weights to start.

Bend and Row

Start with your legs together and step your right leg back a foot. Bend at your waist and place your rght hand on a chair (A). Holding weight in your free hand, pull the weight up to rib cage (B) and lower it slowly. Switch sides. Do three sets of three, three times a week, using a 13- to 22- pound weight to start.

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