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Get in shape for wedding

Weddings are a dream come true for many brides to be there is way in which they visualize how they would look in their wedding gowns how perfectly their body would look in that wedding dress. Looking your best during such occasion is a must for everyone and especially the bride as this is a day reserved to show her off to friends and family. Being fit is must for the bride especially if you have added a few pounds and here are some tips to get you fit and looking spectacular on your wedding day.

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Get in shape

1. Plan ahead

Being able to create time in your wedding schedule for some exercise will help you to work on your body instead of focusing on other pending issues. Look for a trainer who will give you professional advice on how to tone up and exercise in a healthy way making you feel confident on how you look is important as it boosts self esteem.

2. Setting achievable goals

Being in touch with reality will help you to achieve your desired goals faster, that is if you’re a size 14 do not imagine yourself transforming into a size 8 that is placing an unrealistic goals that will frustrate your plans that is know your size and work on making yourself look good and healthy through a planned workout schedule.

3. Radical diets or fitness programs

Due to the numerous things a bride is required to do many brides to be have very little time to spare on exercising many prefer quick fixes like food diet and fitness programs that might be dangerous for their health. Avoid any diet pills laxatives and eating unbalanced foods that will leave you looking worse than you were before.

4. Diet and Exercise

These two things are vital and you have to review what you eat and the amount of calories you consume in a day and weigh yourself so that you can be sure of how many pounds you need to lose. If your schedule is large, do simple 10 minutes exercise during the day to help tone your body like walking up a flight of stairs instead of the lift or taking a long walk this will help to give you the energy you need to continue with you plans for the wedding day.

Remember that you have to be committed to achieving your goals it’s the only way to make you happy with the way you look.

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