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Exercise and Body

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the ten leading causes of death and disability. You must exercise to keep fit. Ten minutes a day of stretching ending with 5 minutes spot jogging, 50 jumps (not for those with back problem) and a brisk 20 minutes walk is sufficient to keep the body supple and healthy. Take long strides and swing your arms when you walk. If necessary, use music to liven up your exercise workout and break out into a dance as you spot jog. You must involve yourself positively as you exercise; you must enjoy exercising. Another good idea would be to run up and down 40 steps at least four times twice a day. It is not advisable to exercise with the intention of losing weight or maintaining your weight loss. Your ideal weight will be achieved and maintained by putting the right food into your mouth. Remember, there is no such thing as spot reduction, so don’t get carried away by misleading advertisements that promise spot reduction. When you lose fat you will automatically lose inches from all parts of your body.

If you want to see your weight going down don’t do any muscle building exercise or exercises with heavy weights. Muscle is heavier than fat and although you will lose in inches you won’t lose much weight. If you enjoy going for aerobics, go on alternate days, for the same reason.

If you can spot jog for 15 minutes it will help to maintain your metabolic rate. If you cannot spot jog for 15 minutes at a stretch, jog for two minutes and walk for four minutes (around the room, if necessary). Repeat this process four times. A healthy metabolism will ensure that your body responds positively to your diet, and if you regain weight in the future, going back to choosing the right quality food will once again result in weight loss. Do your exercise regularly every day before your bath. It should become a part of your daily routine like brushing your teeth. Don’t say, “I don’t have time!” Everyone can find 15 minutes in 24 hours to keep the body fit and flexible. Spot jogging is important to increase your cardiopulmonary capacity and to build up the collateral circulation in your heart to protect you against the ill effects of blocks in the coronary blood vessels as you grow older.

I have personally experienced the benefits of one-hour walk in the morning. Such a walk rejuvenates the body and keeps you alert and active throughout the day. The human body has been fashioned so that we might use our legs. Today, most of us sit in chairs for almost twelve hours and lie down for eight hours. This leaves us with just four hours on our feet. If one of those four hours can be used to really move our feet as they were meant to be moved, many of the present day ailments could be prevented. Studies have shown that moderate exercise, as explained above, helps to lower blood pressure, since the blood vessels dilate when the heart pumps blood more quickly. Exercise also raises the HDL (good) cholesterol and helps to increase plasma serum, thereby keeping the blood thin. This decreases the chances of blood clots being formed in the arteries. All these factors contribute to a lower incidence of coronary artery disease. Exercise also helps to regulate menstrual cycles in those women who have polycystic ovarian disease and other hormonal imbalances; it helps to overcome insulin resistance that occurs in people with diabetes and obesity; it reduces stress and anxiety and helps to alleviate depression (You can also read How to Prevent Anxiety and Panicness for more knowledge). The immune system and lymphatic drainage are enhanced by exercise, resulting in greater resistance to disease, malignancy and aging.

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