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Challenging Your Abs with Hanging Pike Exercise

Hanging Pike exercise is a compound exercise for experts that target the abdominal muscles. Experts in fitness training like this exercise because it definitely targets the abdominals and helps build up your core. (You can also read Easy Chest Exercises That Can Be Done At Home to know about toning your chest muscles).

Grab the chin up bar with your hands facing away from you. Position your hands slightly wider than your shoulders for proper balance and grip.  If you are finding it hard to hold on to the bar, you can use a wrist wrap to help you get a better grip.  Let your arms and upper body stretch as you bring your thighs forward in front of you with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle with your calves positioned perpendicular to the floor.  Keep this as your starting position.

Exhale as you contract your abdominal muscles to bring your legs up in front of you. Continue bringing your legs straight up until your shins are touching the chin up bar (or as close as you can get) and hold this position for a second.  Your back should be almost parallel to the floor at the end of the execution.  Keep your legs straight and your abdominals tight as much as possible throughout the entire motion.  Inhale as you slowly go back to starting position.

Repeat with the recommended number of reps and sets. Remember that in this exercise, form is better than the number of reps.  Concentrate on executing the proper form first before you gradually increase the number of sets in your training.  Never swing your legs and depend on momentum for this will remove the concentration of motion from your abdominal muscles.  Ankle weights can be used to increase the resistance of the training.

This is an advanced ab workout.  If you are unable to perform this workout then you can start with an ab routine that is easier and work up to exercises like the hanging pike.

Authored By Daniel Morris of the P90x Equipment Store, check out the Insanity Workout info here.

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