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Body Sculpting Training

With warmer weather on the horizon, people are beginning the charge toward sculpting lean sexy bodies for summer. Like an ancient Greek artist chiseling away at a stone block to form a perfect statue, body sculpting involves deliberately shaping your body into the figure you desire. By properly combining the body sculpting techniques of strength training to build muscle tone, high-intensity cardio to melt away fat and proper nutrition to support your efforts, you’ll transform your body into a lean, sexy work of art.


Body Sculpting

Strength Training

One of the most important body sculpting techniques, the value of strength training cannot be overstated. Though frequently thought of as a male dominated activity, many women are beginning to understand the vital role of strength training in accelerating the body’s metabolism and shaping a strong yet feminine figure. Typically, when you follow strength training routine make sure that your strength is even on left and right side – legs, arms and shoulders. Why is it because many have the habit of putting extra effort on one side such as right arm (than left arm) and this makes the muscles on one side bigger.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Sculpting a lean sexy body means melting away excess body fat and burning calories which can be done effectively through High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT, also know as sprint interval training mainly comprises of cardiovascular exercises done in short training sessions. HIIT maximizes your fat burning efforts while maintaining muscle mass, and reduces your total workout time. HIIT is all about alternating periods of intense exertion with moderate to light periods. HIIT sessions mostly lasts for around 15 minutes.

Circuit Training

By combining a series of exercises in sequence with little or no rest in between, circuit training combines the benefits of strength training and calorie-shredding cardio. Each exercise is assigned a “station”, and at each station the movement is performed for 40-60 seconds, immediately followed by a new exercise at a new station until the circuit is completed. The intensity of circuit training routines can be adapted to accommodate all levels of fitness.

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