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Best exercises to lose weight

Doing any physical activity that increases the heart rate and improves the oxygen system is highly recommended because according to the principles of indirect calorimetry, more calories are burned during exercises when oxygen is increased. This article provides the best exercises to lose weight and the calories burned based on an average 170lbs. male. But of course the exercises covered will suit female also.

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exercise regularly

exercise regularly

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Exercise #1 Running/Walking/Jogging/Elliptical Trainer

Whether you use an exercise machine or go outdoors, putting those feet into work are the best way to lose weight. The calories burned in these exercises depend on your speed and elevation. Basically, with increased speed and elevation, the body will burn more calories from fat deposits to be converted to energy. Also, the demand of oxygen for the body will increase thus you would be grasping for breath; more oxygen equals more calories burned.

Running 12mph 1,724/hr
Running 10mph 1,387/hr
Running 8mph 1,040/hr
Running 7mph 887/hr
Elliptical trainer 877/hr
Running 6mph 775/hr
Running 5mph 653/hr
Walking-up stairs 622/hr
Jogging 541/hr
Walking 3mph 337/hr
Walk/run play with kids 306/hr
Walking 2mph 214/hr

Exercise #2 Biking

When we were kids, we always dream when we get to have our first bike. Biking is not just a child’s play but it could be a great calorie-burner too. The amount of calories burned depends on how fast you go and the resistance on it. Personally, this is my favorite exercise as I enjoy the scenic view when I go mountain biking with my friends; cycling machines are just as good too. Again, it’s all about the speed and resistance.

Stationary bicycle/spinning-vigorous 877/hr
Bicycling/cycling 14-16mph 816/hr
Bicycling/cycling 12-14mph 673/hr
Bicycling/biking-mountain 653/hr
Stationary bicycle/spinning-moderate 541/hr
Bicycling-leisure 306/hr

Exercise #3 Skiing

Downhill skiing burn less calories than Cross country skiing and skiing machines because gravity does most of the work. However, because skiing involves both upper body and lower body, it does not only allow you to burn a good amount of calories but helps you tone that leg and arm muscles as well.

Skiing-cross country 877/hr
Ski machine 745/hr
Skiing-downhill 673 /hr

Exercise #4 Step Aerobics

Step aerobic exercises are popular among women because it effectively tones the hips, legs, and bum. An hour of properly executed aerobic exercise a day guarantees a result in two weeks.

Step aerobics-high impact 816/hr
Step aerobics-low impact 541/hr

Exercise #5 Jumping

A simple yet one of the best cardio workouts; 10-15 minutes of jumping a day can give you a good total body workout. Athletes always include this on their exercise routine as it enhances one’s performance in sports.

Rope jumping 775/hr
Jumping jacks-vigorous 622/hr
Jumping jacks-moderate 347/hr

The good thing about burning calories is you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive exercise machines or spend countless hours in the gym. Doing real activities that you enjoy like sports or biking around the neighborhood are great ways to burn that excess fat while having fun at the same time.

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