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Best Exercises for Legs

Covers the best leg exercises for both men and women. The leg exercises covered in this article are suitable for both body builders and normal people who want to have perfectly shaped legs. The exercises are described with appropriate photos.

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Work your way up to an Inversion

Leg Extension

The seat back and footpad should be adjusted so your knees are flush with seat edge and the ankles are closely below the footpad. Hold the handles to keep yourself in stable position and press your shins against the footpad till you completely extend your legs. Squeeze your quads briefly, then you have to steadily and slowly come back to the starting position and repeat.

Avoid these mistakes: Snapping up into the top position, putting your knees at risk of hyper-extension.


Leg Extension Exercise

Alternate exercise: Dumbbell lunge.

Lying Leg Curl

Position the footpad so it presses just above your Achilles tendons, and lie face down on the machine. Grasp the handles and blend your knees to curl the weight towards your glutes. Squeeze your hamstrings at the top, then slowly lower the weight and repeat. A good mental trick to activate your harms is to imagine them flexing on the ascent; as a visual, think of your hamstrings like your biceps flexing on a curling exercise.

Avoid these mistakes: Not taking the movement through a full range of motion.

lying leg curl

Lying Leg Curl Exercise

Alternate exercise: Dumbbell lunge.

Barbell Squat

Step under the bar in a shoulder-width stance, and keep your elbows back to form a ridge along your upper back where the bar can sit. Take a deep breath and, keeping your head up and entire body tensed, especially your abs, bend at the knees and let your glutes track backward to lower yourself. At the point where your thighs are parallel to the floor, reverse direction, driving up forcefully through your heels to a standing position.

Avoid these mistakes: Using plates under your feels, and rounding your lower back as you move through the range of motion.

Barbell Squat

Barbell Squat

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  1. Squats are definitely the best for gaining mass on the legs!


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