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Abdominal Reverse Curl Exercise

Reverse curl is a great exercise especially when you do it in addition to basic crunch. In reverse curl the shoulder-neck region is resting on floor so there is no stress on them.  Just like abs crunch reverse curl also targets the abdominal muscle but the special thing is that in reverse curl you start the movement from your lower abs.

What’s the benefit? Tones the abs and keeps it in perfect shape.

How to do Reverse Curl?

  • First lie flat on the floor having your hands by your sides and palms facing down touching the floor.
  • Slowly raise your legs with knees bent.


  • Next slightly tilt pelvis and gently bend your knees and bring your knees towards your chest.
  • Then once again slowly stretch back to the original position.


Tip: Exhale while you take your knees towards chest and inhale while you return back to the initial position.

Reverse Abdominal Curl – Video

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