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Treating Strep Throat (Viral or Bacterial pharyngitis)

Viral or Bacterial pharyngitis is an inflammatory disease of the throat. We all know the pain trouble we get when swallowing with a sore throat. If it persists and left untreated then it may even lead to rheumatic fever. But at the very beginning, to prevent Pharyngitis, you can try certain natural remedies.

  • Gargling warm salt water cleanses your throat and you will feel little better. Do this every two or three hours.
  • When you initially feel little pain in throat then immediately drink two or three glass of hot water (let it be very hot). This will kill the infectious germs in throat and throat pain will be cured within hours. In the initial stage it is very effective.
  • Chewing cloves suppresses the throat pain completely. We may get throat pain during important exams or meeting and we feel very tired. During that time chewing cloves keeps the pain completely away.
  • Homeopathy : Mercurius solubilis has been used since the olden days as it’s very effective. Take Mercurius solubilis 9 CH: 5 granules every 2 hours and this treatment goes for 4 days. During the second day the infection will become less intense and the time gap can widened from 2 to 4 hours.

From my personal experience chewing cloves and drinking hot water often is the best treatment for sore throat.

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