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Hearing loss – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments


  • Hissing sound in the ear.
  • Sensitivity to loud sounds.
  • Loss of hearing ability.
  • Highly difficult in following conversations especially when there is back ground noise.
  • Difficulty in hearing high-pitched sounds in the first place, later leading to difficulty in hearing low-pitched sounds.


  • Hearing loss caused due to ageing is called presbycusis which affects about 1/3 rd of people between the age of 65 and 75 and half of the people of the age 80 and above.
  • Hearing loss is a progressive problem which starts at the age of 20 and slowly progresses and starts to accelerate at the age of 45.
  • The tiny hair cells that are responsible for sound reception present in the inner ear become damaged leading to hearing loss.
  • Various other causes include heredity and excessive reception to loud sounds.
  • Hearing loss is also caused due to heart diseases and other circulatory system problems due to which the ear does not receive the enough blood supply.
  • Hearing loss affects both the ears on an equal basis, but it does not cause total deafness.
  • Men are more prone to get hearing loss as it occurs earlier in compared to then women.
  • Tinnitus which is a sign of hearing loss is identified by hissing or ringing sound in the ears. The sound can be constant and may be frequent or occasional.


  • Salt intake in the diet must be reduced to improve hearing. Salt causes swelling up of functional organs in the ear as they retain the fluids in the body.
  • GINKGO – 240mg of extract a day. Noticeable effect or benefit occurs only after a months use. Consult your doctor before taking it as it may interact with other drugs.
  • Avoid hearing loud sounds. Wear earplugs if not able to avoid it.
  • Have a regular check up with an ENT doctor if you have the symptoms.
  • People above the age of 65 must take an audiologist test for every 2-4years if you have family history of this problem.
Ear muffs

Ear muffs


  • Hearing loss is mainly treated by means of hearing aid.
  • Hearing aid is a device made up of microscope (converting sound waves into electrical waves), an amplifier (amplifies sound waves), receiver (converts electrical signal to sound waves) and channels into the ear and battery.
  • It must be made very clear that hearing aid just helps in improving the hearing loss condition and certainly not in bringing back normal hearing.
  • Various other devices that may help in improving hearing loss include amplifying devices, alerting devices and decoding devices.
Hearing aid

Hearing aid


Certain medications like aspirin, quinine, diuretics and powerful antibiotics can diminish hearing temporarily and may even lead to hearing loss.

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