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Peptic Ulcer – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

This is a condition where the inner lining of the stomach or duodenum gets eroded. Acid peptic disease is the most common type of abdominal disease that is experienced by people of all ages.


  • The mucous membrane that protects the inner lining of the stomach will fail to protect the stomach against hydrochloric acid (HCl) and other digestive juices causing pain.
  • It is noted that all the sufferers of peptic ulcer do not have high gastric levels.
  • Acid peptic disorder which is the most common kind of abdominal disorder is basically a stress disorder.
  • In the case of duodenal ulcers, infection is implicated with helicobacter pylori.
  • Gastric ulcers are mainly caused due to low acid levels and pernicious anaemia. It may further lead to stomach cancer.
  • Gastric ulcer is treated using drug therapy using steroids or NSAIDS.


  • Abdominal pain which actually begins 3 to 4 hours after meal.
  • Pains caused due to duodenal ulcer occur during early morning.
  • Pain can be alleviated by the intake of cold milk which is a small alkaline meal.
  • Ulcer may increase in size leading to constant pain.
  • Irritating sensation of the stomach outlet causes spasm and a bloat feeling.
Peptic ulcer

Peptic ulcer


  • Peptic ulcers may cause bleeding from the stomach which comes out either as bloody vomit or in the form of black tarry stool. This state may lead to hypovolemic shock.
  • Ulcer may get healed by scarring, causing a narrow stomach outlet. This complication has a sign of vomiting.
  • Peptic ulcer may get deepen tearing through the stomach wall which causes a leak into the peritoneal cavity (perforation).
  • Perforated ulcer requires immediate surgical emergency as it may cause shock and rapid emergency which is fatal.


  • Various medications will improve the condition of peptic ulcer.
  • They are mainly treated using drugs and a strict diet program.
  • Complications caused will definitely require emergency surgery blood transfusions.


Casual and careless treatment for abdominal pain using ulcer drugs may lead to stomach cancer. It is necessary to consult your doctor if you have nagging bouts of abdominal pain.

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