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Gallstones – Prevention and Treatment

Gallstones are tiny, pebble-like substances that are formed in the gallbladder(bile). Bile is a liquid substance formed by the cells of the liver that is responsible for digesting food in intestine, particularly fat.

Painful spasms after meals is an important symptom of gallstones which are caused by clumps of cholesterol. By taking fiber rich foods and specific supplements you can prevent and even dissolve gallstones completely.


  1. High fat foods and low fibre content in the body is an important reason for gallstones formation.
  2. Bowel disease and problems in digestive track also leads to gallstones formation.
  3. Rapid weight loss is also a cause though it has not yet been verified.
  4. In few cases gallstones are also formed by hereditary.

Treatment & Prevention

  1. Take Vitamin C tablets as it reduce bile cholesterol levels which causes gallstones. Take Vitamin C along with Lipotropic as it performs fat metabolising activity.
  2. Take 1 table spoon of flax-seed oil everyday in the morning along with food.
  3. Eat two capsules of peppermint oil after meals. You can also chew peppermint seeds if you like that taste.
  4. Lecithin capsules taken along with meals is very effective in gallstones treatment.
  5. Take Psyllium powder mixed with apple juice twice or thrice a day which helps to remove gallstones.
  6. Reduce weight steadily and drink plenty of water. Due to rapid diet gallstones are formed in certain cases.
  7. Pectin found in apples, oranges and bananas plays a great role to dissolve gallstones.
  8. Consume more amount of fruits and vegetables regularly.

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