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Why Dark Chocolate is Good for You

Chocolates in general have always been synonymous with “feeling good”. Inadvertently when you pop in a piece of chocolate you somehow feel nice, relaxed and you can sense your mood lifting. However, chocolates are not really the ideal food item you can gorge on as it does come with its share of not-so-good cholesterol. But there’s good news for chocolate lovers; dark chocolate thankfully is recommended by doctors all over the world as it has a number of benefits. Let’s have a look at how dark chocolate can be good for you.


Dark Chocolate

Keeps the heart healthy

Dark chocolate is high in an important nutritional ingredient called “cacao or cocoa” and the normal milk chocolate has low quantities of cacao hence the difference in nutritional value. The high cocoa content in dark chocolate makes it an extremely rich source of “Gallic acid” and “Epicatechin Flavonoids” both of which are great in for maintaining a healthy heart. The plant sterols in dark chocolate i.e. “stigmasterol” and “sitosterol” help control the absorption of cholesterol by the body thereby keeping a check on the overall cholesterol content in the blood. In fact the best thing about dark chocolates is that though it has saturated fat they do not raise the bad cholesterol of the body, so you can have some without feeling guilty. The “Flavonoids” in the dark chocolates are excellent in preventing any blood clotting by not letting the blood platelets clump. Another great ingredient in dark chocolates is “Amino Acid Arginine” which helps in the production of Nitric Oxide. This is very beneficial for the heart because Nitric Oxide helps a good blood flow and maintains the blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

Keeps the brain healthy

Regular consumption of dark chocolates in low doses is known to keep strokes at bay too. The reason being that the “Flavonoids” in dark chocolate help in stimulating better blood flow to the brain and thus the cognitive ability of people who consume dark chocolates in regulated quantities is far better than those who do not do so.

Anti-ageing properties

Dark chocolate can be your secret to radiant youth for years to come. As it is made from plants it controls the free radicals in the body that work wonders for repairing the skin damage done by pollution, stress and various day-to-day activities. It is high in antioxidants and has good quantity potassium that can help maintain your healthy glowing skin. Not just a beautiful skin but you can actually keep your weight in check; thanks to the antioxidants in dark chocolate. The antioxidants present in dark chocolates are great for flushing out toxins from the body too. A very effective ageing resistant.

Prevents cancer

While researching the benefits of dark chocolate American researchers at Angiogenesis Foundation (Massachusetts) discovered that introducing a bar of dark chocolate to your diet once a week goes a long way in keeping cancerous cells away from the body. That obviously does not mean you keep gorging on it, just keep it a part of your diet. Dark chocolate is supposed to work like regular chemotherapy for the body.

Feel Good Factor

Dark chocolates have “endomorphins” that are responsible for you feeling good and upbeat. Take a bite of dark chocolates as an instant anti-depressant. Like all good things dark chocolates are also recommended in low quantities. You cannot just binge on them on the pretext of “doing good” to your body as it is bound to boomerang miserably and do you more harm than good. Chocolates at the end of the day whether milk chocolate or dark chocolate are fattening so cannot be eaten in huge quantities. To maximize the benefits of this wonder food consume in moderate quantities and live a long and healthy life.

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