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Pineapple for Weight Loss

We all know health benefits associated with pineapple and recently science has added another fantastic benefit to this list and that is ‘weight loss’.

You must have noticed many overweight people going behind almost every method and equipment advertised on the television to lose weight. Majority of these ways are ineffective and results in wastage of money and efforts. Some of the ways are even risky and have severe side effects. So why to follow risky ways when natural remedies (e.g. pineapples) are available which can help you lose desired number of pounds in most effective and healthy manner without any side effects.

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Pineapple for Weight Loss

How Pineapple Helps Lose Weight

Pineapple has always been one of the top most choices when it comes to fruits, not only because it’s delicious but it also contains several health benefits. People who take pineapple normally live a healthy life because it consists of ingredients such as bromelain which helps improve digestion by breaking proteins in the digestive tract. Moreover, pineapple is anti-inflammatory and helps solve many stomach and intestinal problems.

As far as weight loss is concerned, the prime factor that contributes to weight loss is the composition of the pineapple. Pineapple is rich in water and fiber, two ingredients that are most important for losing weight. The combination of fiber and water takes away the hunger by giving the dieter enough natural supplements required for the body’s sustainability and a feeling of being full. It is a natural phenomenon that when one feels full he/she stops eating and pineapple being rich in water gives this feeling of fullness which results in less eating and thus the person loses weight.

Another thing that contributes to weight loss by using pineapple is the fact that pineapple is a low calorie food. It is sometimes even categorized as a negative calorie food which means more calories are required to digest pineapple than the calories it offers. A slice of pineapple contains 40 calories in it but for its digestion our body requires 60 calories, thus more calories are burned in pineapple digestion which makes it an ideal food for weight loss.

So, other than so many health benefits of pineapples including regularity in your immune system, bone strengthening, healthy and active body etc, it is also declared as a weight fighter, so eat as much pineapples as you can in order to get rid of your body fats.

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