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Low-fat vs. Low-carb: Which is better?

The year 1980 marked the arrival of low-fat diets. The low-fat diet was all about eating little fat or no fat foods, and staying away from unhealthy, high calorie foods. The diet helped people to lose some weight during the initial years. But soon manufacturers started making low-fat foods that were high in calories. The products gained huge popularity, but they failed to bring good results. Once again people stopped losing weight.


Low fat vs Low carb

Then came the low-carb diet in 1990s. The low-carb rage that started before few decades continues even till now. People lost weight as a result of cutting down high calorie sugary foods. Various low-carb, sugar-free products were dumped in the market within a short span of time. These low-carb foods were packed with a lot of calories which made Americans gain pounds.

Usually low-carb diets help to lose more weight in the initial 3 to 6 months. But after a year or two there is no big difference. More than the diet it’s about the person who follows it. Those who have a disciplined approach can lose weight consistently.

So low-fat or low-carb diet, which is better? The answer lies somewhere in the middle. Both these diets are neither healthy nor unhealthy. Just because a diet is low in fats or carbs it can’t be termed as a healthy diet. Calories matter more. Try to limit bad fats and improve the amount of good fats in your diet. Reduce your sugar intake and take more amount of whole grains and fruits.

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