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Health Benefits of Guava

The most common advice to keep one healthy and in top shape is to keep away from fatty foods and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. This piece of advice has really worked as magic in the lives of many. There are many types of fruits that offer great benefits to our bodies and guava is one of the most beneficial fruits that can’t be ignored.

This somewhat pear shaped tropical fruit has a green rind, white or pinkish flesh and has small seeds. It is preferred by many people over orange because it has more Vitamin C and is a lot cheaper. The nutritional content of guava includes calcium, potassium, iron, folic acid, nicotinic acid, Vitamin A and B, Vitamin C and fiber. All these minerals and nutrients hold great value for the body.



Guava Health Benefits

Constipation Relief: One of the benefits of guava is constipation relief. Since the fruit is rich in fiber, it works as a great laxative and helps forming bowels which cleans the excretory system and intestines making excretion perfect. It helps improve our digestion system.

Cough and Cold Fighter: This is another area that guava can take care of. If you have cold and cough it’s good to go for the raw guava. The iron and vitamin C content in guava helps prevent cold and keep viral infections at bay. The fruit also reduces mucus, loosens cough and acts as a respiratory track disinfectant.

Controlling High Blood Pressure: By reducing blood cholesterol, guava maintains blood fluidity thereby reducing blood pressure. Since guava is rich in fiber and hypoglycemic, it reduces blood pressure. Eating raw guava or its leaves is also a good way to deal with diarrhea and dysentery. The fruit has anti bacterial properties and it also works as a disinfectant.

Weight Loss: People looking to lose weight can eat this nutritious fruit to achieve their weight loss goals. Guava helps losing weight since it is high in roughage and rich in vitamins. It easily satisfies hunger and thus one can avoid eating too much after eating this fruit.

Give Shiny Skin: Guava improves skin; by using immature leaves and raw fruit on a decoction and washing the skin with it will give you a shiny skin. The astringents found in the fruit improve the skin texture and keep skin problems away.

Prevention of Cancer: Since guava has lycopene antioxidant, it helps prevent prostate cancer. The antioxidant inhibits breast cancer cells growth as well suppressing the tumors. It is therefore important to increase guava fruit intake.

Guava Helps Treat Acne: You must have noticed guava as an important ingredient in many skin care products. It is because it not only possesses anti-aging properties but also deals well with acne and other skin issues.

Guava battles Diabetes: Guava fruit and also its leaves are used for treating type 2 diabetes. It helps diabetic patient by lowering blood glucose levels.

Guava Helps Avoid Scurvy: Since the fruit outperforms many other fruits when it comes to Vitamin C concentration, therefore it is a good remedy for scurvy normally caused by the lack of this Vitamin.

Other Health Benefits: This tropical fruit is also a wonderful remedy for prolonged menstruation, poor blood circulation, congested lungs, asthma, acidosis as well as catarrh.

Guava has proved to be a very essential and beneficial fruit for human body thus should never be overlooked. Unlike the common perception about guava, it provides more health benefits as compared to other famed fruits, thus increasing its intake will keep you healthier and thus you can enjoy a much happier life.

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