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Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic has huge potential and due to this more than 100 non-culinary uses have been identified. It has a long list of medical uses. Garlic grows from a bulb that consists of several segments. The scientific name of garlic is Allium sativum. It grows well in dark soil with good drainage.

Fights heart diseases

The Allin, a sulphur compound present in Garlic is responsible for fighting against heart diseases and strokes. Countries in which people consume more garlic usually have low rates of heart disease. Recent studies have stated that Garlic decreases Homocysteine and C-reactive protein (CRP) which are the important markers of cardiovascular disease.

Effects on Platelets

Garlic consumption drops the rate of platelet aggregation and improves the blood flow. The chemical compounds present in Garlic also inhibits the formation of blood clots. It is especially very beneficial for those who often suffer from blood clots in their legs.

Reduces Cholesterol

Garlic inhibits the liver’s production of Cholesterol. The fatty acids leads to plague formation and heart disease. Daily consumption of garlic reduces cholesterol levels by 9 to 12 percent. Garlic plays a great role in removing the bad cholesterol from our body and also helps to curb hypertension.

Fights against Cancer

Garlic prevents cell changes that lead to cancer and also destroys the previously formed cancer cells. Consumption of 1 clove of Garlic a day reduces the risk of prostrate cancer by half. People who weekly consume garlic are less likely to get colon cancer than those who don’t take it. It inhibits nitrites and reduces the risk of stomach cancer. Garlic blocks the cancer producing compounds directly and neutralizes the dangerous free radicals.

Improves Immune System

Garlic strengthens the immune system by improving the ability of the body to fight infections. Garlic can be consumed after cooking it for about 10 minutes. Some studies say that consumption of Garlic cooked with ghee strengthens the nervous system.

An Antibiotic

Garlic is crushed and the paste is applied over the wounds to kill infections causing micro organisms such as fungi that causes Athlete’s foot and other ear infections. Cures urinary tract problems by killing the infection causing E coli bacteria. Garlic also prevents peptic ulcer by protecting against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori.

Other Benefits

  • Garlic acts as an aphrodisiac by improving blood circulation and thereby help to get prolonged erections.
  • Garlic fights fatigue due to the presence of anti fatigue agents in it and this the reason why athletes regularly take garlic.
  • Garlic paste is used in treating insect bites and wounds.
  • Regular intake of garlic makes the body cold & cough resistant.

More and more studies are coming out and whenever I get to know something new I will update it.

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