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Foods that Help Lose Belly Fat

Tired of wearing loose clothes just to hide your belly fat? Then start losing it by eating the right foods that can actually burn your belly fat.

The Internet is filled with lots of advice on how to lose belly fat, but some of them seem to be ineffective. Indeed, the most effective way is still regular exercise with proper diet.


Fat Belly

Here are some of the best fat burning foods that can make a difference:

1. Oatmeal

In your list of favorite foods, it is assumed that oatmeal is not part of it. You should however be aware that if you want to lose belly fat, eating oatmeal may be a good start.

Oatmeal is actually a nutritious food that is rich with soluble fiber that can help lessen blood cholesterol, by means of removing the negative digestive acids from your system. As a result, the level of your cholesterol will decrease.

Oatmeal which is not sweet, and not flavored, is the foremost recommendation because you may lose all the health benefits if you choose to eat apple flavored oatmeal or similar.

2. Canola Oil or Olive Oil

A diet with no fat-consumption at all is never good for your body. As such you must still have an intake that includes foods rich in fat. However if you intend to lose fat, canola or olive oil, which is rich with monosaturated fat, will be your best fat-rich food.

Canola oil can be used for cooking as well so is a great way to burn fat and maintain a low cholesterol level.

3. Almonds, Cashews, and other Nuts

Nuts are great for giving you a feeling of fullness. According to a study conducted at Purdue University, an individual who eats nuts keeps that feeling of being full for a longer period than the person who take rice cakes.

Twenty-four almonds a day would be enough to keep you going for a day, without worrying about the number of calories you consumed. Be careful not to choose those which are salted because too much sodium intake causes a rise in blood pressure.

4. Lean cuts of Meat

If you are a meat eater, you can still lose belly fat without giving up your favorite food. Just make sure that what you eat are the leanest cuts. Lean cuts of meat are also an excellent source of protein. It helps in maintaining lean muscle tissue, improves metabolism and assists in fat burning.

5. Eggs

Eggs are loaded with protein which helps in burning fat. They also contain Vitamin B12 which helps in the metabolism and the breaking down of fats. According to another study conducted at Louisiana State University, those who eat eggs as part of their daily breakfast lose more weight compared to those who eat bagels.

However, for those who already have a high cholesterol level, consult your doctor first and find out if eggs are appropriate for you.

6. Beans

Beans contain low calories but are rich with both protein and fiber, thus, it can be a great help in toning you up and losing weight. Instead of eating meat the whole week, why don’t you skip a meal or two and try beans for a change.

7. Whole Grains

Carbohydrates are also necessary for your body to function normally. Thus, your diet should likewise include foods rich in carbohydrates, even if you are planning on losing weight and fat.

Go with whole grains and not those which are processed such as pastas, bagels and white breads. Grains lose their nutrients when they are processed, so it is recommended that you eat whole grains as they contain both fiber and minerals essential to your body.

There are more foods out there that are helpful in losing belly fat. However, eating these kinds of foods is not enough to get the body that you want. Alongside of a proper diet undertake regular exercise. With proper diet and regular exercise combined, you will no longer need to wear loose clothes. Instead wear clothes that fit your body and emphasize your sexy line.

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