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Diet Tips for Six Pack Abs

Getting six pack abs is not just about the right exercise but also about the diet consumed. It is essential to have a right mix of cardiovascular training, right nutrition and abdominal training to get fabulous results. So what are the key factors that need to be addressed when deciding the apt diet for getting six pack abs?


Six Pack Abs


No matter what body shape one aspires for, the key to maintaining a healthy body is an active metabolism. Scientifically metabolism is the body’s natural mechanism of burning the food to give out energy. When the food intake of any person is not regular the metabolism suffers. As a result the food burnt gets converted into fat and gets deposited for those times when the person would go hungry rather than being burnt off as energy. Hence, the first and foremost rule is to have a number of small and regular meals throughout the day to keep up the metabolism of the body. It would not just prevent fat accumulation but would also keep the person active all day long.


It is a myth that people aspiring for six pack abs need to stay away from calories. Calories are very important as they give energy which is a must to sustain the heavy training a person undergoes to shape up his abs. The key is where the calories come from. The food from which the person gets his daily caloric intake is very important. If the intake is from junk food and processed foods then it would not work.


Have a protein-rich diet as it would add to the lean muscle weight of the body. Also proteins have a thermal effect on fats and carbohydrates and help in burning them. A good protein intake helps the body remain satiated and keeps away hunger pangs. Add salmon, cottage cheese, eggs, pulses, almonds to diet for a good protein intake and to boost the metabolism significantly.


For getting six pack, it is essential to have a diet rich in fiber that can be got from fruits and vegetables like carrots, watermelon, apple, papaya and unrefined foods. Refined foods and refined grains are a big no. The whole idea of introducing fiber in the diet is to maintain a check on the glycemic response of all foods and thereby helps in getting lean. Fibers also help in detoxification that helps in speeding up fat burning.


It is a myth that fats are not to be consumed when aspiring to have six pack abs. Fats are very essential for complete nutrition; the key is in having healthy fats and not the unhealthy fats. Foods rich in healthy fats are nuts, avocado, olive oil, eggs, virgin coconut oil and organic meats. Saturated oils can also be consumed in controlled quantities. Trans-fats are a strict no. Foods to be avoided are margarine, butter, processed foods, fried foods, sweetened products and hydrogenated oils.


For meeting the carbohydrate requirement of the body it is essential to consume complex carbohydrates from green leafy vegetables, sweet potatoes, legumes, root crops as they are low in sugar hence do not contribute to the sugar in the food converting into fat. Green leafy vegetables also reduce the effect of “xenoestrogens” that cause increase in fat in the abdominal region. Simple carbohydrates from rice, bread, pasta contribute to the sugar intake of the body and are best avoided.


For getting those six pack abs keep the sodium content in the body under check. High sodium leads to water retention and causes the body to bloat.


Have a high intake of water to keep away toxicity by flushing out all the toxins from the body. A high water intake would also avoid any dehydration and would control the appetite too.


For getting the dream six pack abs alcohol consumption has to be completely stopped. Alcohols are rich in calories and affect the body’s metabolism and slow it down considerably.

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  1. All your points are spot on mate. I advise one point as well to those people who want to get a six pack abs. It does not affect directly, but it does. I would ask you to stop smoking as well.


  2. You must need hard work to get a six pack abs, food doesn’t matter in this but you should get balance diet and hard exercise for your abs. Consult with certify trainer to get correct advice


  3. My brother is really dreaming of a six pack abs so that he can hook many women out there. And your tips are right on time. I will let him know about this. Thanks


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