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Diet and Dizziness

If you often feel like fainting at mid-morning or mid-afternoon then it may be due low blood sugar levels. Due to the drop in blood sugar levels you’re at risk of slumps if you eat something sugary like a muffin. Sugary foods like that creates a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels and dropping back again within few hours, making you feeling shaky and light-headed. If you’re too strict in your diet then it may also be a cause for dizzy spells, especially if you’re short on glucose. Another important cause is the lack of iron – anemia that reduces the oxygen flow in bloodstream that goes to brain, leading to dizzy sensations. Let’s see some good remedies for dizziness with simple diet fixes.

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Simple Diet Fixes for Dizziness

Avoid Sugary Snacks: Choose slow-releasing carbs at mealtimes instead. Think porridge oats for breakfast and whole meal pasta or bread for lunch – they stabilize your blood sugar levels and will keep you more fresh and alert throughout the day. It’s also better to avoid to foods that are too salty.

Split your diet – Eat little but often: Splitting your diet really works. When you are in a strict diet routine see to that you are taking something every 3 hours. Lemon juice with honey can be taken as they are good energy suppliers.

Increase iron intake: Start consuming more greens, red meat and egg as they are very good sources of iron. If you feel that you’re anemic, go to a general practitioner and confirm it with blood test. You would be prescribed some iron supplements that you should take regularly. Other than this you must also increase your vitamin C intake as it helps your body to absorb iron.

Avoid Caffeine and Alcohol: Not only Caffeine and Alcohol you must also avoid smoking. All these cause dizziness in people who are prone to vertigo, light-headedness and balancing problems.

Hope you now know how to get  rid of dizziness that too naturally.

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