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Cocoa Health Benefits

What is of more worth than sitting on your favorite chair, watching the best movie of the year and holding a cup of hot cocoa in your hand? No doubt, everyone wishes to have such a life. Though we all may not fit in the situation given above exactly but we can however manage to have a hot cup of cocoa whenever we want. As you may also know that cocoa is not just delicious but is also very healthy; it is also a good source of intoxication. Well, if you haven’t yet tasted the cocoa then you should go for it at your earliest. Cocoa is available out there in drink form as well as in chocolate form; however, one must try to go for items having high amounts of cocoa, for an instance, 40g of chocolate bar usually contains approximately 8g of saturated fats whereas, an average cup of hot cocoa contains only 0.3g of saturated fats, thus a preferable choice would definitely be the later one. Many researches show that, when used regularly, cocoa helps a person live healthy and disease-free life. Cocoa has many health benefits, a few of which are given below:



Health Benefits of Cocoa

Enhances mood: The regular consumption of pure cocoa uplifts mood and also keeps an individual more active. It improves ones life by giving energy to their muscles and by improving glucose metabolism. The mood elevating effect of cocoa is due to the presence of phenylethylamine.

Depression and Stress relief: Cocoa is a powerful anti depressant and hence gives relief from stress and depression. Cocoa has no significant side effects. Many medications are used for treating depression but they have side effects. So now you would have understood which one is better. The Polyphenolic extract obtained from non-roasted cocoa contains plenty of flavonoids that makes cocoa, a great anti-depressant.

Reduces disease risk: Those who consume cocoa regularly have less than 10% chances of having strokes, heart failure, cancer and diabetes. Diabetic patients can take sugar free dark chocolate so that they can prevent any adverse effect on insulin levels.

Improves blood flow: Cocoa consumption is highly recommended by many physicians because it has high levels of epicatechin which improves blood flow.

Lowers high blood pressure: Have you ever wondered why the people who live near San Blas Island off the coast of Panama have never complained about high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases? Well, this is because of the amazing health benefits of cocoa (their daily cocoa consumption is around 3 – 4 cups). The flavonoids in cocoa brings down the systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Fights Aging and Skin Problems: Who wants to get old? Definitely, nobody; thus you should immediately start taking cocoa since it helps fight aging with its high-flavanol content. In the recent times cocoa has become so popular in skin and beauty industry due its effective benefits. Cocoa contains flavanols that helps vascular tissues to relax which improves blood vessel function and also give a glow to the skin. Cocoa is effective in treating skin damages, dark spots, acne and other skin problems. It even has anti-cancer properties that can help to prevent skin cancer.

Improves digestion – Prevents Constipation: Cocoa is quite helpful in improving digestion and relieving constipation. The rich amount of magnesium present in cocoa keeps the bowel movements normal and also promotes digestion. You can take magnesium supplements but why to go for that when tasty dark chocolates are available.

Other Benefits: Cocoa is very helpful for feeding mothers since it helps increase breast milk. It helps to regulate the inflammatory / immune responses in blood vessel walls.

There is no end to the health benefits associated with cocoa, so start using it today to live a healthy and happy life!

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  1. “Have you ever wondered why the people who live near San Blas Island off the coast of Panama have never complained about high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases?” Well no, suprisingly enough, It has never ever occurred to me to wonder about that. I wonder if that makes me a bit thick.


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