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Clean Foods Diet

What are ‘clean’ foods?

When you saw the article title you would have first thought what is meant clean foods. So let me first answer it. In simple terms clean foods are the healthy foods taken in plain form which really helps to lose weight in a healthy way and stay healthy. It’s not the diet plan for those who want to lose lots of pounds in few weeks.

Cleans Foods – Want to know more?

Clean Foods…

  • Apple in your plate is just the same as in tree. You’re just taking it raw.
  • No added fake flavors.
  • Include no ingredients that you can’t pronounce or recognise.
  • Contain fewer than six ingredients.
  • Don’t last for months.
  • Sugar is not one of the first three ingredients.
  • Don’t make your stomach uncomfortable.
  • Satisfies You. You don’t feel hungry after eating.

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clean foods

Clean Foods

The Clean Foods Diet Plan

Monday Diet Plan

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg, 50g smoked salmon and a cup of spinach
Lunch: 1 small grilled sea bass with mixed salad, a dash of olive oil and lemon juice
Snack: 4 or 6 nuts
Dinner: 100g beef fillet with broccoli and spinach, plus ¼ avocado
Snack: Chopped veg with 1tbsp hummus

Tuesday Diet Plan
Breakfast: 100g smoked salmon with chopped cucumber
Lunch: 100g turkey, salad of tomato, cucumber, spinach leaves, ¼ avocado, dash of olive oil
Snack: 75g chicken with mixed raw veg
Dinner: 1 grilled cod fillet, served with steamed green beans or other green veg
Snack: A small handful of seeds

Wednesday Diet Plan
Breakfast: Green beans with ¼ avocado and 100g sliced chicken
Lunch: A 2-egg omelette made with spinach and a slice of turkey, and green salad
Snack: 50g chicken
Dinner: Grilled lamb chops (100g) with spinach, Broccoli and red peppers
Snack: 5 Brazil nuts

Thursday Diet Plan
Breakfast: 100g turkey with mixed grilled veg
Lunch: 100g mackerel, salad of tomato, baby spinach, green beans and olive oil
Snack: 50g chicken and a handful of almonds
Dinner: 1 chicken breast with steamed courgettes
Snack: 8 cashew nuts

Friday Diet Plan
Breakfast: 2 boiled eggs with red peppers and ¼ avocado
Lunch: Pan-fried prawns (1oog) with sautéed mixed veg
Snack: 100g beef or turkey with 2 oatcakes
Dinner: 1 chicken breast, stir fried with mixed veg
Snack: 50g chicken and a small handful of sunflower seeds

Saturday Diet Plan
Breakfast: 1 scrambled egg with spinach and 1 slice of turkey
Lunch: 1 beef burger (no bun) with mushrooms, onions and grilled tomato, and side salad
Snack: Chopped veg with hummus
Dinner: Salmon filled baked in foil (with dill, garlic and paprika) plus broccoli and cauliflower
Snack: 5 Brazil nuts

Sunday Diet Plan
Breakfast: 50g smoked salmon with lemon, and 1 poached egg
Lunch: 100g roast chicken with a large mixed salad
Snack: 50g sliced turkey with 2 thick slices of avocado
Dinner: 100g rump steak served with pepper, green beans and broccoli
Snack: 4 to 6 nuts

Hope the food routine was clear to you. Just follow the plan – lose weight and be healthy.

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